26.08 SBK OPENAIR FRIBOURG🌈☀️ (in all weathers)

18h-19h Dance class (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda Casino or Kizomba on request) 19h-23h SBK Party with DJ Xtian: 33.3% Salsa, 33.3% Bachata & 33.3% Kizomba Entrance: fundraising for the economic support of the kindergarden “Creciendo, Jugando Y Bailando" in Arequipa, Peru - Refreshing drinks 🍸🍺🍻 with and without alcohol at your disposal IMPORTANT!!! for the SBK evenings at Pont de Granfey: Please park in the parking lot on the Dudingen side because the Granfey restaurant parking lot will be full and it is reserved for restaurant clients and please announce your participation on this link: https://christianmonroy.ch/events/sbk-openair-26/08 at least one hour before the event. Thank you for your understanding!! 😉 NEXT EVENTS: - 28.08 🌶️🍕💃🏼 SALSA PIZZA + BACHATA & KIZOMBA (OPENAIR & INDOOR) 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/salsa-pizza 🌈☀️… until 1h30 - 29.08 ⛩️ DANCE ON THE BRIDGE 🌈☀️ https://christianmonroy.ch/events/dance-on-the-bridge/29/08 and more hier 👉🏼 https://christianmonroy.ch/events

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