21.08 SBK OPENAIR FRIBOURG🌈☀️ in all weathers

Thank you for announcing your participation hier 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/sbk-openair-21/08/21 18h-19h Dance class gratis (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda Casino or Kizomba on request). 19h-22h SBK Party with DJ Xtian: 33.3% Salsa, 33.3% Bachata & 33.3% Kizomba Entrance: fundraising for the economic support of the kindergarden “Creciendo, Jugando Y Bailando" in Arequipa, Peru. - Refreshing drinks 🍸🍺🍻 with and without alcohol at your disposal 22h-03h After Party🔥 Fuego Latino🔥 15.- / SALLE GRENETTE-FR IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!! for the SBK evenings at Pont de Granfey: Please park in the parking lot on the Dudingen side because the Granfey restaurant parking lot will be full and it is reserved for restaurant clients NEXT EVENTS: - 22.08 MILONGA OPENAIR🌈☀️with SBK Cortinas 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/openair-milonga-22/08/21 - 23-26.08 KIZOMBA & BACHATA WORKSHOPS FOR BEGINNERS 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/kizomba-bachata-workshops-for-beginners - 26.08 SBK OPENAIR - FR🌈☀️(in all weathers) 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/sbk-openair-26/08 - 28.08 SALSA PIZZA + BACHATA & KIZOMBA (Openair & Indoors) 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/salsa-pizza - 29.08 DANCE ON THE BRIDGE 🌈☀️(in all weathers) 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/dance-on-the-bridge/29/08/21 - 30.08-02.09 ⭐️ SALSA PORTOCUBANA & TANGO ARGENTINO WORKSHOPS FOR BEGINNERS 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events/workshops-beginners-salsa-portocubana-tango-argentino-30/08-02/09 ... and much more 👉🏽 https://christianmonroy.ch/events INSCRIPTIONS: https://christianmonroy.ch/events/sbk-openair-21/08/21

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