Openair Salsa at the Zeughausareal Uster

The Openair Salsa will take place in 2021 at the Zeughausareal Uster! We will play a selection of the best jazzy Salsa's, Cha-Cha-Cha's and Bogaloo's. A dance floor provides the perfect dance floor. In the Zeughausareal we are outside, but have a roof where we are protected from short rain showers. If the weather forecast calls for heavy rain or thunderstorms, we have an alternative room indoors, also in the Zeughaus area. Before the event, there will be a crash course for beginners at 18.00-18.30, which you can also attend without a dance partner. ENTRANCE FEE Admission is free for all. We have a donation box where you can support the association. COVID A Covid certificate is compulsory to attend the event. Visitors from EU countries also need an EU Covid certificate. You don't have a certificate and want to get one with as little effort as possible? The event will definitely take place. So it's best to make an appointment for a test well in advance, and it's easiest to visit the test centre before the event and ask for a Covid certificate. The test takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge. After the test, the certificate should already be delivered on the way to the Openair Salsa. Test dates Uster: If no more appointments can be booked in Uster before the event, the Kasernenareal Zurich has a lot of capacity and also spontaneously still has test appointments available: Test dates Zurich Kasernenareal: It is best to optimise the route so that the test centre is on the way. Questions or doubts? Write to us at! http:/

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